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Water Main Tracing South Devon

LPB Utilities provides water main tracing in South Devon and the surrounding region including Newton Abbot, Torbay, Exmouth and Exeter. Water main tracing is essential if you are planning on building work, this is to ensure that the supply is not damaged when building work starts. It can also be useful if you are buying a new property. We use the latest technology to accurately track piping. In addition, we will provide you with precise drawings that you can keep and refer to in the future. To arrange a free quotation, get in touch with the team.

Water Pipe Tracing Services

Our water pipe tracing services give you peace of mind that you know exactly where your pipework is installed. Knowing where your piping and main supply is located is useful when considering building work or before buying a house.

Pre-Purchase Water Supply Surveys

Identification of water mains supply and piping within a property before a purchase can save you money in the long term. A normal property survey may not cover this service. We recommend water supply surveys because they will assess the condition of the pipework and also ensure that the water is not supplied through a shared connection that you are unaware of.

Property Extensions and Building Work

Knowing where your water mains supply and pipe network is installed is vital when undertaking building work such as extensions, driveways and so forth. Our pipe tracing will help builders and engineers design building structures and surfaces so that the underlying supply is not damaged during construction.

How Do We Trace Piping?

We are fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment so that we can accurately trace and plot your piping. When our engineers arrive at your property they will perform a survey and use any of the following methods to trace the pipework:

  • Pipe knockers
  • Endoscope CCTV cameras
  • Infrared thermal imaging
  • Signal generators
  • Pipe tracers
  • Dye tests
  • S.O.N.D tracing

Contact LPB Utilities

If you require advice or would like to arrange water main tracing in South Devon, Newton Abbot, Torbay, Exmouth, Exeter, or anywhere else in Devon, then get in touch with the team.

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